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Probabilityforecast and old Oceanforecast EOL July 1st

10 May 2021

tags: oceanforecast - probabilityforecast - nowcast

As mentioned earlier, Oceanforecast 2.0 is now in production and version 0.9 has been deprecated, to be removed on 2021-07-01. Despite what we said earlier there will be no change in the XML format for 0.9, as we have extended the EOL of the backend model to the same date. (The experimental XML version in 2.0 is also going away, although later in the summer).

The Probabilityforecast product has also been deprecated and will be removed on 2021-07-01. As a replacement we have added the following new variables to complete.json in Locationforecast/2.0:


We have also improved the handling of requests outside coverage for Nowcast and Oceanforecast (2.0). Any requests outside the model area (as defined by the shapefile which can be downloaded from the /coverage endpoint) will get a 422 error response. Any requests within the model area but which we have no data for (either due to lack of radar range or ocean forecasts for dry land) will get a GeoJSON response with an appropriate error or warning message.

Note that we have implemented a “snap” functionality in Oceanforecast so land points near the coast will return the nearest point at sea (this means the coordinates in the URL and JSON may be different). The new model areas can be seen on the maps here:

Finally, as you may know we have not supported unencrypted HTTP for several years, and all requests to port 80 have been redirected to the corresponding HTTPS URL. Yet, after several years we still get a lot of traffic from old systems which has not been updated to use HTTPS, which in some cases could be considered a privacy liability. As a consequence we have decided to drop this feature; now all requests to po 80 will be redirected to the front page of the API.

—Geir Aalberg