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Changes to MetAlerts

14 December 2022

tags: MetAlerts - Textforecast


You might notice some changes in the CAP XML format for the warnings. Up to now, all the CAP files have contained only one area per info block, and only one polygon per area element. We have now done some changes in how we produce the CAP files, and some warnings may contain several polygons per area element.

This has always been allowed according to the CAP standard. Since it has not been used in the CAP warnings from MET Norway up to now, we suggest you check that your systems can handle this.

Note that in case of overlapping polygons, the are covered is the total of all the polygons, with no holes. According to the CAP standard:

if multiple <polygon>, <circle> or <geocode> elements are included, the area described by this <area> block is represented by the union of all the included elements.

Textforecast 3.0 beta

We have also been busy making a new version of the Textforecast product, this time in GeoJSON format which many of you have asked for. This means that the coordinates are now included in the JSON file, instead of having to be looked up separately. You can test it here:

Currently only the land and coast forecasts are included in the beta, sea forecasts may follow at a later date.

Other products

A new version of the Turbulence charts are expected to be released in beta on Feb 1 2023. We are also working on a new version of Sunrise, this time in native JSON which many of you have asked for. Stay tuned for more updates.

—Geir Aalberg